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Bran-Moieciu-Fundata's official city guide app is now available on Android. It is a comprehensive directory of the best sights, attractions, activities, trails, events, accommodation, food, drink and shopping in Bran-Moieciu-Fundata and surrounding area. It's hands-down the easiest way to discover Dracula Land.

You can download the Visit Bran - Travel App, the official city guide free from the Google Play and have everything you need to discover the best of Bran-Moieciu-Fundata to hand.

Looking for inspiration as you explore? Searching for delicious food and drink? Need a hotel in a hurry? The Visit Bran - Travel App has everything covered – with detailed descriptions of Bran-Moieciu-Fundata's best places, plus ticket prices, opening times, contact details, hotels ratings: everything you'd ever need whether you're a visitor or resident.

Each entry in the guide also includes directions and a map with GPS integration, so you can easily find your way from A to B or browse places nearby. You can even save your favourite items as a personal itinerary.

The Visit Bran - Travel App is easy on your phone data charges, too – ideal if you're visiting from overseas – because its information is stored within the app itself. You'll only need the internet if you want to use GPS or download more infos.

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